Cómo hacer tu Vision Board ⚡

How to make your Vision Board ⚡

A vision board is a tool to know what you like and how you are at this stage of your life and visualize everything you want to achieve.

It consists of making a collage (physical or digital, but better physical) in which you visually put those things that catch your attention or you want to achieve.

But what is the foundation? Why is that panel going to help me?

Surely it has happened to you that you think about buying, for example, a white dress. And suddenly, you start seeing white dresses everywhere: you see many girls wearing them on the street, they appear on Pinterest non-stop, you see them in magazines, in your favorite series... until you end up buying them. Where were they before, why are they everywhere? The answer is that they were always there (just like a hundred other dresses in other colors), but you didn't have the focus on that and they passed by without you noticing.

The point is that our brain unconsciously looks for opportunities to achieve what we focus on. They call it the Law of Attraction.

When you put your focus on one thing and visualize yourself achieving it, you have a better chance of achieving it because it provokes the energy necessary for you to move in the right direction and achieve it.

What if we use this principle to achieve the life we ​​want?

A basic technique for exercising visualization it is, therefore, to imagine yourself doing what you want. Close your eyes and get into the scene with your 5 senses (if, for example, you dream of a house in the country, imagine having breakfast there, the temperature, what you see around you, the sound of a stream, the sun coming through the window, how is its facade).

Seeing yourself doing what you want to happen to you every day will make you go towards it without realizing it: imagine yourself in the office of the job of your dreams, walking the streets of your favorite city, driving a fabulous car, winning a sports competition where you train...

Let's get to the action.

How can you make your vision board? I explain step by step.

  1. Make a list of things that inspire you or that you would like to have in your life. Think, for example:
    - Places you would love to teleport to
    - Books that hook you and catch you
    - What would you do if nothing had consequences?
    - Who would you want to be?
    - Where would you like to work?
    - If you were a color, what would you be?
    - Characters you would like to meet
    - Plans you would make if you could

  2. Take images on Pinterest that reflect these issues and that are "very you"
    It is important that, while you do it, you get into each photo with all 5 senses.

  3. Crop all photos
    Size 9x13cm is ideal. Of course, you can also make this panel digitally using an app like Canva.

  4. Make the composition on a cork, cardboard or magnetic board and place them clearly visible in a place where you spend a lot of time.
    I usually put it on a large white cork that I have on the wall in front of my work table. But you can also put it on the wall by your bed, on your binder cover, behind your bedroom door...
    (In fact, a friend of mine told me that she makes her collage on the computer and then prints it out in various sizes and strategically "leaves" it to herself in various places: in her purse diary, in her glove compartment of the car, as a background on the PC at work... So you can view anytime, anywhere!)

  5. Every day, take a moment to look at it.
    Mentally travel to each photo and imagine that you ARE ALREADY in that life to which you aspire. Remember! Visualizing the things we want makes us more attentive to the opportunities that can lead us to them...

    Then I leave you a video in which I exemplify the whole process with images of my own panel. If you want to see it with music, here is the Reels version of Instagram and here is a thread of stories in which I show in detail my personal panel of 2022 :)

Have you ever done a Vision Board? Write me in comments if you found it useful and inspiring!

If you know someone who loves this kind of thing, send them this post to make their life more beautiful than it was ;)

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