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If there is a subject that has always seemed intriguing to me, it is that of connecting the past with the present, or the present with the future.

Sometimes I imagine how wonderful it would be if I could tell my past self all those things I needed to hear, the answers to my questions back then, tell him about those events that I couldn't even imagine would happen.

The fact is that, although we cannot travel to the past... we can make a gift to our future selves! Exactly, that gift is the Time Capsule (also known as Time Capsule or Memory Box).

It consists of burying a box containing messages and objects from our present to dig it up and open it in several years or decades .

The best thing is that this activity can be done by practically anyone! You can create a personal time capsule or in company : with your best friend, with your brother, partner or even with children (it can be a hilarious plan to do as a family in summer, for example!). I made mine with my husband in 2020 and we plan to open it in 2030 :)

friends writing travel diary

Most people choose to open it in about 10 years ...but the more time passes, the more things will have happened in your life and the more exciting it will be to open it. It seems not, but time passes quickly (I assure you that in 2 years there will still not be enough time for you to “forget” what you put in the capsule). If it is an activity that you want to do with young children, you can plan to open it the following summer, or on their next birthday, so the wait will not be so eternal.

typewriter typewriter by carillustration cari espinosa

Obviously, you will have to bury the box in a place where you can access it in the future and set an exact date in the future to dig it up. The ideal would be, if you have the option, that you could bury it in your garden or in some known land that you know will not change in the coming years (do not do it in a public park or in a land where they are going to build! something!). You can also hide it in an attic or at the grandparents' house , if you don't want to have to dig a hole, hahaha. Remember to make a map after hiding it, so you remember where you put it!

The most important thing is to set yourself a reminder for the future that lets you know it's time to dig up your memory box . Avoid that your reminder is something ephemeral that may expire by then (such as a notice on your mobile or in that agenda that you may have lost by then). Don't worry, to solve this little problem I bring you my secret trick ... Years ago I discovered by chance the Future Me website , where you can write a little message and program it so that it reaches your email in a few years! I suggest you put love in the message and attach that little map of where the box is. The soul is in the details! Your "future self" will thank you, believe me.

future me time capsule letter to the future

Here are a handful of ideas of things you could put in the keepsake box. Remember that the objective of this is to capture the present moment: what you are like now, what you like, what is happening in the world, what your routine is like, what excites and worries you, what your hobbies are, what your home is like ... Your future self will be excited to fondly remember this time that seems "normal, nothing to write home about" to you. You will see!

Things you can put in your Time Capsule:

  • Photos from recent years : yours, family, friends, your pet, activities, excursions and trips, photos of your room, birthdays, notable events... Do not forget to write behind the year of the photo and who is in it.

  • A handwritten letter. Tell your future self how you feel, what your concerns and dreams are, what problems you have, take the opportunity to ask about your uncertainties or if you have achieved what you now want.

  • A thin lock of hair , tied with a rubber band or bow. Don't cut your bangs, do yourself a favor.

  • A book that you liked so much that you wish your future self would read it again... or a book that you haven't read and that by then it may not be in bookstores anymore. It's about giving a "surprise gift" to your future self.

  • Also as a surprise gift, a couple of coins for your future self to go have a coffee the day they dig up the box, to celebrate ;)

  • An object that is symbolic for you (I put a little key that I found, because I have a collection of old keys and so in the future I will include it with the others!)

  • A candle or a small ornament for your future house.

  • A questionnaire in which you answer key questions about your present , to read it in the future (what do you study? who is your best friend? what things make you happy? what clothes do you wear? what hobbies do you have?)

  • On a piece of paper, write down what a typical day in your current life is like (your detailed routine or that of your family).

  • On another piece of paper write down your favorite book, movie, colour, song and series.

  • The newspaper of the day . Over time it gains value, imagine now finding a newspaper from 2005 or 2010 and seeing what was going on back then!

  • " Various crap", they can be objects of any kind : a washi tape, stickers, a thread bracelet, a nail polish, some tickets from the last time you went to the movies... Let your imagination run wild. What is now "worthless nonsense" will make you laugh in the future (imagine finding yourself now unpublished "nonsense" from when you were little!!! We would give anything to see them!!!)
old key
  • Do not put anything organic that can rot (perishable food), or liquids that can spill and spoil the objects in the box.
  • To make sure you forget what you put in the box, delete any "evidence" that might spoil your surprise. For example, I tried to delete from the computer the folder of photos that I had selected to print and put in the capsule, and I avoided writing that day in my diary about the capsule :)

It is very important that you insulate the box well if you are going to bury it, so that there are no leaks, moisture can enter or rust . We want that when we rescue it in a few years, all the content is in perfect condition and the letters and photos are still legible, right?

I chose a tin-type box of this type , but any box that can be closed well and has joints in which nothing can be strained is worth it. The main thing is that you put everything you are going to put inside in small zip bags (the plastic ones to put in the fridge, they are perfect), and in turn cover the box with plastic film and/or several garbage bags.

Clearly, if instead of burying the box you decide to simply hide it in a storage room, you won't have to worry about this part.
vintage tin box

You already have it! A guaranteed surprise for a few years. Everything will have changed and, however, you will continue to keep all these memories of life.

I hope that this post -so intensive- has given you all the information you need and has clarified all your doubts. Let me know how the experience was!

You can write me what you want in comments, or share this post with people close to you to make their day more beautiful than it was.



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Wow, Elena!! Qué emocionante!!! Tu vida seguro que habrá cambiado un montón, eras sólo una adolescente cuando creaste esa cápsula! 🤩Tengo muchísima curiosidad de saber qué metiste en la cajita; seguro que muchas fotos y discos de música que te encantará revivir. No saber el lugar exacto de la montaña es todo un desafío que lo hace incluso más intrigante! 😮
Un abrazo grande y ¡disfruta a tope creando tu nueva cápsula!


Muchas gracias por comentar, Lilo! Os lo pasaréis de maravilla preparando las cositas para la cápsula. Se puede hacer en cualquier época del año, pero el verano es una ocasión estupenda!!! Ya me contaréis si os ha gustado la experiencia! :)
Un besazo,


Yo hice una cuando tenía 16 años, ahora tengo 38 dentro de poco toca ir a desenterrarla a la montaña y no recuerdo el punto exacto 😅
Me han encantado tus ideas. Creo que haré otra, mejorada y más segura 👌🏼😉


Me ha encantado este post, Carillustration 😍 Lo voy a hacer con mis hijas 💖💖


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