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Printed print of "Spirit", an illustration that talks about learning to value ourselves and letting go of those things that do not contribute to us and make us feel small.

Lena is the name of this white-haired girl full of light and confidence. The little fairies are a miniature version of Lena herself :)

A4 size (21 x 29.7 cm)
Semi-matte paper, 350g
Printed with white border of approx. 1,5 cm
Frame not included!

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And Lena, in her dream, saw herself as a little miniature doll. He saw himself clutching the scissors around that ribbon that had long held his wings... He undid the tight knot like someone crossing the finish line: he felt release, a breath of fresh air, a whirlwind of emotion.

She saw herself go flying with momentum, sure and unstoppable. Nothing could harm him now, since he had bet on his freedom.

She had left behind those people and things that made her feel small, those situations that made her feel inadequate. Now she was in control of herself, and the light flooded her kind face. Now he was able to see where he hadn't seen before, to do without what he thought he needed. She didn't need anyone's validation to know she was valid.

She had always been a good spirit, with a filter in her eyes to see the beautiful. Now she was just as good, but wiser.

(Car illustration © All rights reserved)