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Tote bag Intensity

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The jewel in the crown, the product you were all waiting for! This beautiful illustrated cloth bag will accompany you in all your plans : take it to the pool, to a meeting with friends, on a trip or to a festival. Or surprise a person you love (it never hurts to give something handmade and special).

Unisex, for children and adults, super practical, comfortable and light, sustainable . And on top of that, pretty. If you have it all.

- Cotton canvas bag, long handle, size 36x41 cm without counting the handles.
- White color.
- Wash cold (and better by hand). Do not use dryer or iron.
- High quality printing on textile of the "Intensity" illustration. In this link you can see the print version of this drawing and read its history ;)

⭐ Upload a cool photo to Instagram using the tote bag and I'll repost you in my stories. Don't forget to tag me (@carillustration) so I can see it.

Before it disappears...

This product belongs to the "Summer Reverie" Limited Collection. It is a temporary summer collection.

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