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I create an original illustration in the style of my white-haired girls exclusively for you. Their faces are always invented, but we play with the theme, the message and the coloring so that you have a creation that speaks of you and your vital moment.

General info

Unique Peliblanca Girls

Product features

It consists of the creation of an original drawing (not a printed copy), handmade, of an imaginary girl (I do not use models).

- Size: A3 (double of a sheet of paper)
- Type of paper: 200g matte.
- Technique: pencil and watercolors.
- Style: semi-realistic.

What is really special about this kind of orders is that the creation of this white-haired girl is made for you. The girl is not you, but she represents you in the message she offers, the expression, the colors. It is, as if to say, a little piece of you.


Each budget is estimated individually for each order, as there are factors that may slightly influence the price: my workload, if it is needed urgently or if it is a drawing of great complexity.

But, to give you an idea, in general these orders are approximately 85€ + shipping.

What does it include?

The budget includes the following:
- Client-creator orientation (we talk by email to visualize your creation, adapted to your tastes, your personality, vital moment...)
- Original handmade illustration
- Packaging with the name of the person who will receive the drawing and a handwritten note.

Deliverables and shipping

I will send your package as soon as possible after finishing your illustration.

The shipment is registered (6,50€ is the price of Correos España) in order to be able to locate it in case there is any transport problem. But if you want me to send it by regular mail or another courier company, we can talk about it.

How do I order mine?

To order your White-haired Girl, I need you to fill in the form below (or send me an email) telling me who you are and what idea you have regarding the project (if it is for you or to give as a gift, what do you want it to convey, what has caught your attention from other drawings of mine...). The more precise you are, the better I will visualize your creation.

I will answer you in an email and we can talk about your illustration. I will also give you a personalized budget and an estimate of delivery times in case I can take your order (depending on how full the agenda is).

Once the order is accepted, I will send you this order form by email, which I will have filled in with the data regarding your project. This serves so that both parties are clear about all the points of the project before starting it (scope, delivery date, budget, materials to be delivered...) and that there is good communication at all times :) This file is personal and it will not be shared with anyone else.

Additional information

My most loyal clients often ask me to create their white-haired girl "with total creative freedom". Basically, they know that the freer the creation, the more authentically it will reflect my style and the more it will surprise them.

However, there is no problem with you telling me preferences of themes, colors you like, things that inspire you. For example, in the photo assignment, my client indicated that he wanted to give his girlfriend a drawing that breathed"light, magic and goodness, like a summer fairy" (because that's what his girlfriend's personality is like). He gave me no limits other than those few adjectives. See where I'm going?

Tell me your idea and we'll talk about your order :)

Or send me an email to

IMPORTANT! The clearer you have your idea, the easier it will be to give shape to your project... Describe in a clear and detailed way your proposal and we will create together something that you will really love.

Keep in mind that this is a self-managed project (I do everything by myself). Therefore, I usually have a lot of work. Even so, I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible :)