If you have a store and would like to sell my products in it... I would love to hear from you! Visualize it: prints, stickers, postcards, washi tapes and Carillustration textiles as part of your usual catalog so that you continue to reach the hearts of your customers 💖

As you know, every few months I create new collections of various themes, so you will always have news in your store. One more point in your favour. ✨

If you want to receive a catalog of the products that I have available for wholesale and a price list, write to me at carillustration.art@gmail.com

You can also buy my products through Faire , a platform that connects retailers and brands from all over the world. Using the link below you will have a €100 discount on your first order and free shipping for a whole year (it's worth it, isn't it?)

Thank you very much for wanting to count on me. For me it is a real pleasure to meet charming shops and brands that share the philosophy of "creating beautiful things to make life more beautiful than it was".

A hug,