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Printed print of "Golden Moon", an illustration that tells the story of Seraphina, the youngest of the three sisters of Lockhurst (Seraphina, Ivory and Aradia) who live in a castle. Each one has her personality, her moon and an animal that represents her.

A saga of three stories in which things are evoked without showing them at all. I like to capture the pungent flavor of unfinished novels and the electrifying aura of characters with secrets. With passions, emotions, stories locked in crackling silences.

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Size and characteristics

A4 size (21 x 29.7 cm)
Semi-matte paper, 350g
Printed with white perimeter margin of approx. 1.5cm
Frame not included!

If this illustration were a text...

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The youngest of the three sisters, Seraphina, was of unfathomable intelligence. As avid as birds, she possessed the mastery of a raven hidden beneath a surface of calm appearance. Sharp and sure as the point of a knife, yet intuitive, thoughtful, piously human.

They say it was born during a solar eclipse, at the exact moment when darkness and light were dancing their courtship game high in the sky, awakening the secret admiration of the world...

(Carillustration © All rights reserved)