¡111 ideas para no aburrirse en verano! 🍉

111 ideas to not get bored in summer! 🍉

We are already at the gates of summer, and that is synonymous with rest, disconnection, fun and relaxation. However, for some, "shrew watching" can be more of a torment than a pleasure. Everyone has their own way of squeezing the golden days of sun and salt, and there are many of us who have not yet grasped the point of the Dolce far niente philosophy (enjoy being without doing anything, rest body and soul without feeling guilty) .

Personally, I'm pretty bad at getting bored . Since ever. I have come to the conclusion that my creative nature means that I need to keep my thinking head busy (let's see, I also make quiet plans, but for you to understand me, I prefer a thousand times to spend an afternoon reading or drawing than lying on the armchair dozing and watching life go by).

Look to what extent this is so, that when I was little I made "schedules" like the one at school but for the holidays ; I wrote down several daily activities to keep myself doing things and that the day was not a succession of dead hours. Something of this style. What is a laugh? 😂

The fact is that, as a result of this thought, I decided to write you a long list with 111 activities so that you don't miss a single day of fun.

As the Phineas and Ferb song said, "there are more or less a hundred days of vacation and classes come again... a problem in summer, and sometimes, is how to have a soooooooo fun..."

In theory, among these activities you will find ideas of all kinds. The idea is that practically anyone can do them. It doesn't matter if you're old or young, if you live in the city or spend the summer on the beach/mountain, if you can't spend a lot of money... For the record, I'm not going to promote anything and there's no paid recommendation; This is a totally personal list and I am writing right now as little things occur to me (without searching on Google). Brainstorming live, friends.


  1. Write a travel journal or start a scrapbook
  2. make homemade candles
  3. dye a t-shirt
  4. Write a letter or postcard to a friend
  5. See the sunrise (if you don't mind getting up early)
  6. Watch the sunset from a viewpoint
  7. Make a collage with magazine clippings
  8. Invent a choreography
  9. Create your own time capsule
  10. Go to a friend's beach or pool
  11. Organize a costume party
  12. Visit the Zoo/Aquarium
  13. go to a flea market
  14. go to the summer cinema
  15. Make a homemade video clip as a family
  16. Read your favorite book/blind date with a book (trade a book with a friend without telling them the title or what it is about)
  17. wander aimlessly
  18. Go for a bike or rollerblade ride
  19. Create your own version of one of my illustrations
  20. Camping in the wild (or setting up a campsite in your living room)
  21. Spend the day at the amusement park
  22. Create a photo board on Pinterest
  23. Go to the movies
  24. Visit an art museum
  25. Spend the day on Safari
  26. Organize a dessert contest
  27. Create a playlist of summer songs from every year
  28. Take a night walk through the city center
  29. Make your own milkshake or smoothie
  30. Organize a pajama party
  31. Create your own lists in Listography (favorite movies, favorite books, favorite names, things you want to do sometime...)
  32. Make a spa at home
  33. do a gymkhana
  34. Hang out with a friend you haven't seen in a while
  35. Spend the afternoon gossiping books in a bookstore
  36. go out for ice cream
  37. Take an excursion with your family or friends
  38. Look for patterns on the internet and make a piece of clothing (once I made a case with an old pair of jeans)
  39. Sort your family photos
  40. Make a small urban garden and plant seeds
  41. go to a park
  42. have a picnic
  43. Cook some pancakes with cream like Matilda's
  44. Have pizza on the beach
  45. Write a letter to your future self on FutureMe
  46. Start a series or anime
  47. Make your own homemade popsicles/ice cream
  48. Get a henna tattoo
  49. Set up a karaoke at home
  50. Go out and photograph your city
  51. Press leaves and flowers
  52. Play board games: Trivial, Dixit, Black Stories, Catan, Bang...
  53. Invent your own board or card game
  54. give someone a gift
  55. redecorate your room
  56. interview your family
  57. Research your family tree
  58. Go rock climbing
  59. Go to the theater or the opera
  60. take a horse ride
  61. Write a story or a poem
  62. visit your grandparents
  63. Learn to use Photoshop with Youtube tutorials
  64. Go to a zipline park
  65. Boat
  66. Learn to play the guitar
  67. Take a bubble bath
  68. Build a birdhouse
  69. Spend a morning at Ikea and then eat Swedish menu at its restaurant
  70. Go to the Costume Museum
  71. Do a movie marathon with friends
  72. Donate books that you are not going to read to the library
  73. Making soaps (be very careful! always with an adult)
  74. Go to the Museum of Natural Sciences
  75. Take photos underwater (with an underwater camera or GoPro)
  76. Sign up for a volunteer
  77. Go to a concert
  78. Write with homemade invisible ink (lemon juice trick)
  79. Make friends with a stranger (without scaring and being polite)
  80. Organize a getaway to a rural house
  81. Make your own stickers or collect those from other creators
  82. Recreate a childhood photo
  83. Play This or That
  84. Sign up for a Free Tour of your city
  85. Start learning a new language
  86. Participate in a charity event
  87. Start your own collection (keys, stamps, shells, stickers...)
  88. Have breakfast in bed or cook someone breakfast
  89. Play "Truth or Dare" with friends
  90. Start a blog or build your own website
  91. kayaking
  92. Sign up for yoga, dance, pilates classes...
  93. Become a blood/hair donor
  94. Learn a folk dance
  95. Organize a family contest (theater, stories, cooking, model parade, singing, dancing, costumes...)
  96. Go to the Planetarium
  97. Spend the afternoon in a beach bar or terrace with friends
  98. go to an auction
  99. Paint ceramics with friends (Paintaencopas, La Ceramicaria...)
  100. Go to the nursery to buy flowers and plants
  101. Compile the recipes of your grandmothers in a book.
  102. make homemade pasta
  103. Search for your name on Google or your house on Google Maps
  104. Play Wikipedia Race
  105. Set up a gym at home
  106. Play Geoguessr to explore the world virtually
  107. Paint stones or tree leaves
  108. Sign up for my super secret magical Newsletter
  109. Fly a kite
  110. Leave a message to a stranger
  111. make origami

I sincerely hope that you have liked the suggestions of plans and that you have found them to be a complete, fun and creative list. I would love for you to tell me in the comments if you have tried any of these ideas! Share the post with friends and family so they too can have fun this summer. Remember that you can also take a look at the store and the other blog posts , maybe you will find content that you love.

UPDATE! At your request, I am adding here a downloadable PDF of this list so that you can have it on hand this summer even offline and you can easily share it :) I hope you find it useful.

I send you a strong kiss and, you know, live leaving things more beautiful than they were.

loves you,


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Preciosas ideas!! Haré muchas de ellas🥰


Hola Bea!! Muchísimas gracias por pasarte a comentar 😍 Me parece una chulada lo de prensar flores y el kit de cianotipia… ¡Tengo que probarlo! Soy muy fan de hacer manualidades y experimentar con distintas disciplinas, se aprende un montón y es dievrtidísimo. Me alegra infinito que la lista te haya parecido interesante, escribiré pronto más post como éste 🤗
Un besazo!


Hola Cari,
Gracias por una lista tan interesante, y me ha encantado lo del horario que realizabas cuando eras pequeña.

Pues al igual que tú, en verano el aburrimiento no tenía cabida, siempre había alguna cosa que hacer, y a lo largo de diferentes veranos sí que he realizado algunos de esos planes.
Este año quiero ver si estreno la prensa de flores y el kit de cianotipia 😉

Un abrazo


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